Welcome to The Universal Fairytale by Chandra Brooks.


This is a global storytelling initiative that gives anyone the opportunity to make this fairytale into their own.  The point of departure is that:

We are all human and that is the only race there is – human.

The rest are the details which make us unique as cultures.  Once we realize what is cultural, we begin to see what is individualistic.  Participating in this project, The Universal Fairytale is an idealized way of exploring what it means to be human across the world. 

In Amsterdam, there’s a club called The Paradiso.  They saw the future coming back in the 1970s.  The founders  decided that they’d get around the need for club goers paying a membership fee as well as cover charge at the door, by making every person throughout the entire world a member.  If you don’t want to be a member, you have to write the Paradiso and tell them so.  The Universal Fairytale is everyone’s story.  You have the choice to opt out, otherwise you’re automatically included.